Start transition only after complete build of the new page

Hi there! Actually Ionic doesn’t wait the full construct of the new page, in fact during the transition you see the new page building itself. I have tried to use ng-cloak but without success…

Is there any method to avoid this problem ?

It depends on how you’re building it. You can use a resolve in your controller to get the data before navigating, or it could just be a case of using ng-show vs ng-if, or maybe ng-bind could fix it. Any chance you can create a code example of this so we can see where the issue is?

Thank you @brandyshea for your response. You can download the entire app (sorry, i don’t have much time right now for make an ad hoc example :frowning: ).

Open the main menu and go inside “Percorsi” and navigate from there.
All the data are retrieved by web services, you will see that the page is visibile before is completely constructed.