Sqlite synchronize information with MSSQL

Good evening I have an application with sqlite as a database and the information stored in the database I need to synchronize it with my database in the cloud that is in MSSQL server, I have the services api developed to receive the data, but I do not know how to send it from ionic v3 and sqlite I would like to know if they have any documentation to be able to do this.

In what way are you using Sqlite in your Ionic App? Are you using Storage, or are you writing Sql queries?

See this tutorial…

…and lots of others.

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Sqlite synchronize information with MSSQL

i use writing Sql queries

I’m pretty sure you need to convert your SQL result set to a JSON string and send that to the server via HTTP, and vice-versa for receiving data from the server.

Do you have a specific need to use SQL statements in your app, rather than using Storage, which is supposed to use SQLite ‘under the hood’?

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yes, because my application must work online as well as offline.

Hmm, not sure what that means because Storage works “off-line” fine?

Either way, if you want to send data to a remote server you will most likely need to use JSON formatted data to do so?