SQLite Storage Repo

I’m sorry if this question has already been asked, but is there a good place to see how sqlite storage is used/supposed to be used? like a github repo would suffice here. I’ve looked at tons of videos, they all have different things. And the documentation is not at all helpful when it comes to sqlite. It seems like there is no up to date information on this subject.

My main issue it that I need to store things locally, and I have been able to get local storage to work but I heard that has a possibility to get deleted. So I am trying to implement sqllite but whenever I do something that either a video or some documentation tells me, I get red squiggles and it won’t work. I will need to query some data from the datasets that I will be using.

Every tutorial that I come across is outdated and doesn’t work. Any repo that successfully saves and queries data would be much appreciated.

Is there a reason you’re not just using ionic-storage?

I need to query some data and also keep other data in a persistent file that won’t be deleted. I heard that Ionic-Storage sometimes gets deleted, so it won’t be the best option.

Not really true. Ionic-storage can use a variety of backends. The defaults are sensible (you can look them up in the docs I linked), but you can configure it if you wish. The only reason I would ever consider dealing with SQLite directly is if I absolutely have to be able to use SQL to access the data, and that’s really relatively rare for most apps. The benefit of being able to seamlessly run in the browser more than makes up for losing SQL for me in most cases.