Sqlite plugin result without rows :: length > 0

Hi, everyone

I use in last time ionic to build a mobile app but have some problems to get rows from table with sqlite plugin

if someone can help me

nodejs 4.4.7
cordova 6.2.0
ionic 2.0.0-beta.10
ionic cli 2.0.0-beta.35
android platform 5.1.1

my code
this.storage = new Storage(SqlStorage, {name:‘appDb’});
this.storage.query(‘CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS favorites (item_id int(11) NOT NULL);’);

this.storage.query('select * from favorites').then((resp) => {


My problem is i have lenght = 10 but i dont get array of rows

Any help plz,
the sqlite plugin version is 1.4.6

you found any solution? I am facing same issue…