Sqlite and Android 11?

I’m testing my app with the Android 11 Beta, and it looks like it’s failing when trying to open an Ionic Storage database:

  • plugins/cordova-sqlite-storage/www/SQLitePlugin.js:175 OPEN database: _ionicstorage
  • plugins/cordova-sqlite-storage/www/SQLitePlugin.js:106 new transaction is queued, waiting for open operation to finish
  • plugins/cordova-sqlite-storage/www/SQLitePlugin.js:197 OPEN database: _ionicstorage FAILED, aborting any pending transactions
  • plugins/cordova-sqlite-storage/www/SQLitePlugin.js:83 Could not open database

I’m not seeing why it’s failing…

Has this been tested with the Android 11 Beta?
Any hints for me for getting this working?

Good Question, would be not so nice ^^ If you think this is an issue, you should open an Issue here, so the team notices that and can fix it quick

I tried creating an issue, but I don’t have an Ionic Support account.

You don’t need one to submit an issue

I didn’t find a way to submit an issue in this forum, and my support request was rejected, so I submitted an issue on github.

I didn’t get any answers, so I coded up my own key/value storage mechanism.

You don’t get answers so fast, the Ionic Team has much stuff to work on

Hi @csabbey how can you proceed to do this I’m facing the same issue. Please ?

@Davart87 I’m storing the values in a SQLite table.

My app was stuck at the splash screen, so checked this thread, the release notes on the plugin, did the following and now it’s fine.

ionic cordova plugin remove cordova-sqlite-storage
ionic cordova plugin add cordova-sqlite-storage@6.0.0

Thank you very much \o/

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Thanks man, you just saved my day :slight_smile:

Thank You… :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Save my day