SQLCipher with Storage


I’d like to use Ionic Storage module but with SQLCipher on real device instead of normal SQLite cordova plugin.
Is there any way to do this?


Hi Rasioc,

did you solve your problem? If you managed, can you describe your solution, please? Thanks!

Not really sure what threat model this makes much sense for, but if I were doing it I would put a layer above Storage instead of below it, and use scrypt before Storage sees anything.

No I didn’t solve it, at least not by including SQLCipher. Since my concern was not really security but remember information about bought credits and premium features, I actually implemented an encryption layer on top of storage which does some obfuscation + encryption on any stored key+value. Should be enough for my case. Sure it can be circumvented by injecting own JS code in the right places, but I’m not looking for the 0,00x% users who are able and willing to do so, but behind the 99,99x% users who are not :wink: