SQL issue when going from ionic serve to ionic run android

I’m running ionic 2.0.0 beta 10 and my code currently works fine with ionic serve, so I began the process of testing it out with an emulated device using ionic run android. However, I’ve ran into some issues:

All SQL tables I create are created via:

this.platform.ready().then(() => {
    this.applicationsSQL = new Storage(SqlStorage);

And similar. This works fine with ionic serve, but I’m not so sure with run because when my app starts I instead get:

OPEN database: __ionicstorage

Followed by many of these:

new transaction is waiting for open operation
database already open: __ionicstorage

And then in after that I get:

DB opened: __ionicstorage

And the resources tab show none of the tables that should be made. Any ideas?

Hey, i have the same issue however under xcode.

database already open: __ionicstorage
DB opened: __ionicstorage

Could you solve this Problem?

In my case, everything was actually working correctly, but I had to access the db on the emulated device to actually check.

These messages only mean you’re trying to reload the tables.