SplitPane and Menu


what i want to achieve is to have a SplitPane and an additional SideMenu. Sadly, I can only find SplitPane examples that are used for SideMenus.

Problem is: I can use the SplitPane without a menu tag inside, but when I add a menu page, only the right side of the SplitPane is hidden.

The structure I came up with is:

NavigationMenuPage - Contains the and the which references to the root ListPage.
ListPage - Contains the and an which references to the root DetailsPage.
DetailsPage - The right side of the splitpane, contains some GUI elements.

I can get the ListPage with a Navigation working and I can get the ListPage as SplitPane with DetailsPage working - but not both…

Thank you very much!

Perhaps this coud help you.

I use it as starting point for http://jacktools.net

Hi, thanks for your reply!
Sadly, I dont see a solution to my problem in it, can you elaborate?


In the template you can see how to change the menu with same content, how to change the content with same menu and how to put a page on top of the splitpane page as new page with back button.

Download it switch to the folder and run npm install and ionic serve to try it…


maybe I am misunderstanding you or I havn’t made clear enough what im trying to achieve?

Maybe this makes it clear :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok you want content on both sides and a menu. Then my template is not realy helpful. Sorry.