Splash Screen Spinner Color?

What setting controls the splash screen spinner color?

Its a light green on Android. But then inside my app, I have changed it to a different color using CSS.

Still it remains light green on the splash screen.

You can also customize the color of the spinner in the config.xml file:

options for value are white, whiteLarge, and gray (default)


Which line is that in the config.xml ?

<preference name="SplashScreenSpinnerColor" value="#E27B45"/>
but I think it only works for windows target:

This setting in the config.xml seems to have NO EFFECT.

<preference name="TopActivityIndicator" value="white"/>

That is mainly for iOS doesn’t work for android

So it appears there is NOT a solution to this question?

Using this setting in config.xml, I was able to change the color of the spinner. I’ve tested this only on Android, not sure about iOS or something else

<preference name="SplashScreenSpinnerColor" value="#c00a2b">

Has anyone else tested this on Android and iOS?

I thought this only worked when running on Windows during testing/development.