#someForm="ngForm" | The someForm.submitted flag is not working. Ionic 4



My first problem is about submitting a form.

<form #someForm="ngForm" [formGroup]="myForm" (submit)="doSomething()">
<ion-fab-button type="submit"> </ion-fab-button>

The code above never triggers the doSomething() function.

Trying to solve my first problem I got another one:

<form #someForm="ngForm" [formGroup]="myForm" (ngSubmit)="doSomething()">
<ion-fab-button type="submit" (click)="someForm.ngSubmit.emit()" > </ion-fab-button>

The code above triggers doSomething() function but I have some validations that check if someForm.submitted is true but its never get true.