Some problems after update to v1.0.0-beta.1


Okay first of all bless you for your holy work!
I have some questions do not really understand how it works now:
This index page code:

<ion-nav-bar type = "bar-positive"
animation = "nav-title-slide-ios7" 
back-button-type = "button-icon button-clear" 
back-button-icon = "ion-ios7-arrow-back"> </ ion-nav-bar>

And this is the code that I have pages

<ion-view title="Discover" right-buttons="rightButtons" hide-back-button="true"> 
<ion-content has-header="true" has-tabs="true"> 
</ ion-content> 
</ ion-view> 

Why do I change it?

has-header = "false" does not work for me than in ion-content

And another one last problem,
Previous version I added it to my application
And it worked excellent!
But after updating to the new version I get an error:

Error: [ngTransclude:orphan] Illegal use of ngTransclude directive in the template! No parent directive that requires a transclusion found. Element: <a ng-href="#/tab/search/{{}}" ng-class="{ autocomplete:1, item:1, highlight: ($index == state.highlightedIndex) }" ng-mouseover="highlightItem(item)" ng-transclude="">…%22%20ng-mouseover%3D%22highlightItem(item)%22%20ng-transclude%3D%22%22%3E
    at http://localhost/ionic-angular-cordova-seed-master/www/lib/js/ionic.bundle.js:7548:12
    at new ngDirective.controller (http://localhost/ionic-angular-cordova-seed-master/www/lib/js/ionic.bundle.js:27551:35)
    at invoke (http://localhost/ionic-angular-cordova-seed-master/www/lib/js/ionic.bundle.js:11180:17)
    at Object.instantiate (http://localhost/ionic-angular-cordova-seed-master/www/lib/js/ionic.bundle.js:11191:23)
    at http://localhost/ionic-angular-cordova-seed-master/www/lib/js/ionic.bundle.js:14250:28
    at http://localhost/ionic-angular-cordova-seed-master/www/lib/js/ionic.bundle.js:13659:34
    at forEach (http://localhost/ionic-angular-cordova-seed-master/www/lib/js/ionic.bundle.js:7780:20)
    at nodeLinkFn (http://localhost/ionic-angular-cordova-seed-master/www/lib/js/ionic.bundle.js:13646:11)
    at compositeLinkFn (http://localhost/ionic-angular-cordova-seed-master/www/lib/js/ionic.bundle.js:13110:15)
    at compositeLinkFn (http://localhost/ionic-angular-cordova-seed-master/www/lib/js/ionic.bundle.js:13113:13) ionic.bundle.js:16905

Thank you!


has-header no longer works in v.1.0.0-beta.1
header and footer is now automatically detect
look at here:

content: automatically add/remove has-* classes to content (e94d4006, closes #619)


I managed to activate the buttons
Now what remains is to remove the header on a specific page

And in autocomplete I wrote instead of ng-transclude wrote transclude and the error is gone and it’s back to work :
It’s OK I removed the ng?

Now I see a few more problems in CSS
The app shows me every time white stripes, each time in a different place

Another problem:
This code of my popup

$scope.SIGNIN = function(){
		templateUrl: 'templates/popups/Signin.html',
		scope: $scope
		$scope.PopupHide = function(){

Once I click PopupHide() is not removing the popup that behaves like opacity:0 and creates like a layer that can not be removed


Please help it stick to me all the work