Some pages are not shown me pictures

Do not know why but suddenly some of the images do not display my application
In debug of phonegap I see everything looks as it should and also links leading images but the images are not displayed
But in Chrome it works excellent

What device? If using iOS, can you use the Developer tools in Safari to analyze the content on the device? Where are the images from? In your config.xml, do you have the URL whitelisted for the images?

Android and IOS in config.xml I have:

<access origin="*" />

And the URL address of the photos come from my server, and debug I see the addresses and integrity

I’m not very familiar with the debugging tools for Android. When you are using the debug, can you see if requests were made for the images? If your scroll the view, do the images then appear? If you tap where an image should be, does it then appear?

Please answer :

  • Ionic Version
  • Android Version
  • iOS Version
  • Simulator or actual device?
  • Can you please setup a CodePen sample? If so, I can take it and run locally.