[SOLVED] Viewing html content in <ion-card-content>

I have this:

        <p align="justify">{{ mensagem[2] }}</p>

And {{ mensagem[2] }} is:

    <strong>Line 1</strong> <br> Line 2

I would like it to be displayed respecting the html tags, including formatting and line breaks, but is being displayed as plain text.

Is it possible to display as html?


Read up on Angular’s Domain Sanitizer. The answer to your question is “yes, but you need to tel Angular your HTML is safe,”

It works.
Thank you.

Please tell me, how can i do this, thanks

I would suggest doing absolutely everything possible under the sun to avoid it. It is deliberately made difficult for security reasons, and it also makes the framework’s life a lot harder. Life goes so much more smoothly if HTML stays in templates.

If you can back up and describe your requirements in a non-technical way, perhaps people can suggest alternative implementation strategies that avoid all the drawbacks of manual sanitization.