[solved] Trying first modal dialog using vue, crashes

github project

using template for component, copied V4 code

press menu button top right(in HeaderComponent),
runs method (menu) in HeaderComponent to create/present the modal.
should open dialog (AddressModal)
crashes at res.present()

Uncaught (in promise) Error: framework delegate is missing
    at eval (framework-delegate-d1eb6504.js?b457:11)
    at step (tslib.es6.js?9ab4:100)
    at Object.eval [as next] (tslib.es6.js?9ab4:81)
    at eval (tslib.es6.js?9ab4:74)
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at __awaiter (tslib.es6.js?9ab4:70)
    at attachComponent (framework-delegate-d1eb6504.js?b457:2)
    at class_1.eval (ion-modal.entry.js?1ad0:390)
    at step (tslib.es6.js?9ab4:100)
    at Object.eval [as next] (tslib.es6.js?9ab4:81)

seems like I missed something, same worked in V4
this shows similar using create/present approach

your project is not on the latest version of @ionic/vue

I just installed it last week after the announcement. I haven’t seen any update notices

how can u tell that from my repo? as there is no vue runtime there?

asking cause I am confused about what your statement means.

In your package.json you have

"@ionic/vue": "^0.4.0",
"@ionic/vue-router": "^0.4.0",

Which are older pre-releases. You can run this in your terminal/command line

npm install @ionic/vue@latest @ionic/vue-router@latest

To update to the stable release.

thanks, that helped…

I used the email on availability and went to the get started,
which showed this

npm install -g @ionic/cli@latest

I ‘assumed’ that would check and do your recommended updates if required

neither the email, nor the doc had any info about migrating from the beta