Solved: Protractor Testing Issue

Trying to write some protractor tests for ionic, realized the selector element( by.css(’.selector’)); no longer scrolls to the element. Which when it’s not visible in the browser, automatically fails the test.

Took me awhile to figure it out. Using a ptor.sleep(2000) to delay the page after browser.get(‘domain’); and then If I scroll through the sections where the elements are being tested, they pass (as expected).

I believe this has something to do with ionic taking over scroll events.

Has anyone ran into this before or have some sort of scrollTo implementation for all elements?


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Ended up using a global scroll method that takes the element as an argument.

var scrollIntoView = function (element) {

Then just call it/pass in your element.

describe( "Register page", function ()
    browser.get( "#/register" );


    it( "Check SMS Preference", function ()

        var smsLabelConfirm = element( by.css( ".sms-confirm" ) ),
            smsInputConfirm = element ( "sms-confirm" ) ),
            smsInputDeny = element ( "sms-deny" ) );

            browser.executeScript(scrollIntoView, smsLabelConfirm);

            expect( smsInputConfirm.getAttribute( "checked" ) ).toBe( "true" );
            expect( smsInputDeny.getAttribute( "checked" ) ).toBe( null );

    } );


If you pass an element to browser.executeScript() it may be too big. In that case you will get following error:

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

I recommend to do something like this, instead:

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