[SOLVED] Need help with Google MAPS


Hi everyone!
I have an app you can see at ionic view by id F85E788F
there i have a google map inserted as a map (available on floating button)
After compiling on android its not showing a map.
On console i got error
"Couldn’t get location" it throws as a geolocation is not properly working on crosswalk,
Also i have disabled scroll on view somehow, Please help


and you added the geolocation to your app?

without that your app does not get the permissions to use gps and geolocation


I have added geolocation on my app.
For now I got this like error:

Network location provider at ‘https://www.googleapis.com/’ : Returned error code 403.

I cant find the solution for this =(


this is happening world wide: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32329464/chrome-navigator-geolocation-getcurrentposition-error-403


What you advice?
May be it will be better to switch the maps?
May be to http://maps.yandex.com ?


The error now solved, it was fixed by Google.
For now i have other issue.
My markers has an Infowindow, but they not opening when i tapping on them, any suggestions pepole?


One more thing its something i did mess, and now my content is not scrolling down.
Please anyone suggest me you can see the app through ionic VIEW
On the first screen on top search like “ам” and push SEARCH, after results appeared i cant scroll down.