[Solved] Lazy Loading Modules + Preloading Strategy?

Since the last version we can use the lazy loading of modules which is pretty cool to improve startup time.

In Angular there is a way to preload the other lazy loaded modules once the application starts to improve performance in case we want to navigate to another page.

Blog post about preloading lazy modules in angular: http://stepansuvorov.com/blog/2017/03/angular-lazy-loading-and-preloading-strategy/

Is there already a way to do this(no mention of preloading when searching the forum) in ionic or does the ionic team plans to implement this? It would be really great as we could have the benefit of fast startup + fast page loads afterwards.

Would be great to have some info on this, thanks :slight_smile:


All documented at the bottom of the IonicPage docs.


This is great. Thanks so much. And shame on me for not finding it in the first place :wink: