[SOLVED] Ionic routing jumps

Hi all,
i’m developing an App (Android and IOS) with pages info taken from Remote API.
I have this tree navigation:

    1. Page 1
    1. Page 2
    1. Page 3
  • 3.1 Page 3.1
  • 3.2 Page 3.2
  •   3.2.1 Page 3.2.1 


In my nav i have only pages of first level so my navigation between pages work correctly.

Now i’m using OneSignal and in my push navigation i can set a page ID to show that page on APP.
But if i’m in “HomePage” and jump directly to, for example, page 3.2.1 how i can mantain navigation tree directive so my back button show me page 3.2 and not page “HomePage” ?

Thanks for all answers

I believe the NavController.insertPages method is what you’re looking for.

You can read about it here.


If you don’t want to be able to go back to the home page, then I believe the setPages method is the one for you.

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