[SOLVED ]Ionic native push notifications


I have a project in Ionic 3 and setup for Ionic/Native push notifications. All is setup ok. Atleast I think it is. I (app) get’s registrationId and permission is ok (from console, running on device):

Object {isEnabled: true}
Device registered Object {registrationId: “ciH_PSeWlpw:APA9…”}

Put I’m not getting any notifications to application send from https://apps.ionic.io/app/ -> Push

Can I even use apps.ionic.io with Ionic 3? Or does it not work when app is in Dev? How the **ll am I suppose to test notification if I can’t sent (or more to the point, receive) any in dev mode?

With Ionic 2 I used PostMan to check notification and registered device tokens, but with Ionic 3 it seems there are no device tokens anymore? Only that registrationId. How can I get that information in/from PostMan?


Never mind… Push notification works when sending from firebase console. Atleast when app is running. I still have some issues to resolve, but nevertheless, I got a push message to an alert box when app is running.