[Solved] Install dev version with bower

How can I install the dev version through bower? I need the scss files to include them in my main.scss.

I tried adding the github link with a tag, with the master branch, it’s not working.

If you wish to install the latest stable version, simply bower install driftyco/ionic-bower.

If you wish to install the latest nightly release, bower install driftyco/ionic-bower#master.

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Yeah, it’s fixed now, there was a glitch in the package.json, they fixed it

How do I get the latest (alpha) nightly build with Bower? I’m using a Bower.json definition file.

have you tried this?

bower install driftyco/ionic-bower#master

I’m using a bower.json file and it contains this:

"dependencies": {
	"ionic": null,
	"ionicons": null

null translates to ‘get the most awesome version’ (read: get the latest/master version).

When I do a bower install, the master version (0.9.26) installs. But I want to stay on the bleeding edge and install the nightly (alpha, whatever you guys call it). From what I heard, Ionic is currently on 0.10.something

@robin just use master as the version for the Ionic dependency like this:
{ "name": "LukadukaPOS", "version": "0.0.0", "dependencies": { "angular": "1.2.12", "ionic": "master", "ngstorage": "~0.3.0", "angular-route": "1.2.12" }, "devDependencies": { "angular-mocks": "1.2.12", "angular-scenario": "1.2.12" }, "resolutions": { "angular": "1.2.16" } }

Thanks for your reply @niiamon but this problem was already solved :smile:
A couple of weeks ago, using master didn’t do the trick.

@Robin how did you go about it then? Will be interested to know.

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As you can read in this topic, bower install driftyco/ionic-bower#master did the trick back then.

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