[SOLVED] How to disable drag on IonModal bottom sheet?

I tried many things, preventDefault, stopPropagation, set handle to false, nothing worked.
Any idea on how to disable the modal being draggable ? (re-adjust the height)

I am not sure what you want but if you set only one breakpoint it will not grow and change its height even if you release after dragging it, or are you talking about not allowing the user to drag it at all?

I want to totally disable the dragging. If there is only one break point, you can still drag it to increase temporarily the height, or close it.

Does this help?

(also remove the breakpoints prop)

It worked for me…

handleBehavior had no impact.
Removing the breakpoints array kind of change the layout of the modal. (The border radius disappeared, and I couldnt find a way to set it manually)

EDIT :slightly_smiling_face: Nevermind i find out how to change the border-radius, the default value was 0, so I change the default values with --border-radius:

Thank you for your help !