[SOLVED] Detect Android and iOS version

Using the platform I could tell if the app is running on an android or ios device, but how could I detect which android version is running?

I publish my App for devices using Android >= 6 but there is only one specific feature which I would like to not be use under Android 8

This plugin has a version property to get the operating system version:


Looks good thx. I gonna try and mark the task as solved as soon as I tested, it definitely looks like the solution

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@Nexi it totally works, congrats and thx


 console.log('Device version is: ' + this.device.version);

will produce on Android 7:

Device version is: 7

and on my up-to-date iPhone:

Device version is: 11.2.5
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For iOS, I want to detect phone < 6, I gonna use this.device.model which should give back result like


Couldn’t test it properly, in Chrome debugger I get null, when I simulate a device with Xcode I find x86_64 and when I plug my iPhone6 with an usb cable in my compute I’ve got iPhone8 … so I gonna try my luck :wink: