[SOLVED] Cordova-android and cordova-ios version not up-to-date

While upgrading xwalk

 cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview --save

I get the msg

Unmet project requirements for latest version of cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview:
cordova-android (5.2.2 in project, >=6 required)
Fetching highest version of cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview that this project supports: 2.1.0 (latest is 2.2.0)

In order to use the last version, I should have had cordovan-android > than mine.

Should I upgrade it by myself or his cordova-android kind of link with the Ionic version?
If I should upgrade by myself, someone knows the command?

Thx in advance for any feedbacks

Same while adding cordovo-push-notifications

Unmet project requirements for latest version of phonegap-plugin-push:
cordova-ios (4.2.1 in project, >=4.3.0 required)
cordova-android (5.2.2 in project, >=6.0.0 required)
cordova (6.3.1 in project, >=6.4.0 required)
Fetching highest version of phonegap-plugin-push that this project supports: 1.8.4 (latest is 1.9.1)

Anyone got a clue, should I upgrade or not? And how?


Anyone knows what to do? Should I upgrade cordova-android and cordova-ios? and if yes, how?

ok, so I updated everything :wink:

mainly node (7.2.1), ios-deploy, ios-sim, ionic (2 RC.4), cordova (6.4.0)

npm rm -g xxxxx
npm install -g xxxxx@latest

then I updated all my plugins (except google-analytics which doesn’t work > 1.6.0 and also need manual changes to be compatible with the app store submission process)

ionic rm plugin xxxx --save
ionic add plugin xxxx --save

and finally, because I wanted to have a clean install, I removed and added the platforms (in case you don’t want to do that, when you install a new version of cordova, you could also only update your platforms if you rather like)

ionic platform rm ios/android
ionic platform add ios/android@latest

sounds quite easy, but actually it took hours. so in case someone is reading this and gonna proceed, be ready to spend time and nerves.

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sudo npm install -g cordova resolved my problem