[SOLVED] Can't resize modal on ionic v4


Hello to everyone, i’m working with ionic 4 with angular, and i’m having problems with the css4 encapsulation, i’ve found a solution for all the others problem, but i cannot resize a modal.

I’m creating the modal with this code

 let modal = await this.modalCtrl.create(
        component: UserModPage,
        cssClass: "wideModal"

And my scss is this

        opacity: 0.3 !important;

            width: 800px;

Neither the opacity has effect or the width, the chrome inspector doesn’t even show the class properties, im placing the css in global.css, file wich is working because i have other global styles for buttons and inputs an they are working really well.

Any suggestions?


Solved, the problem was i misplacing the scss code in my global.scss


hello, i did same as you but it’s not working. Help please