[Solved]Cannot Install Ionic/Cordova

Hi guys Ive been stuck to something I know it doesnt relate to ionic I think. The problem is I cannot install ionic or cordova using npm install. It only hangs forever in loadrequesteddeps when I run npm install -g ionic cordova. Anyone who bumps and manages to fix this? Thanks a lot.

which version u using? Can you show npm -v and node -v?

i am using 6.5 and even I use 6.10 it just hangs in loadrequestdeps

have you tried sudo (for mac and linux) ?

no I am trying it for windows os

I just try it right now and luckily it install. Don’t know what causes the problem but I guess it was the server of node.js registry that I am not getting the ionic.tar.gz. Thanks for all the help.

Had really long install times yesterday, too. Disabling realtime scanning of Windows defender helped a bit, but not too much.