[SOLVED] Black opacity pixel in the top-left corner when sidemenu is shown

when I expand a side menu (both left or right) or I close a IonicPopup, a black pixel (in opacity) appears in the top-left corner of the content.

In serve mode it doesn’t appear, but emulating it or using a real device it does and neither with Chrome “Device inspector” I can’t find the element.

I don’t know if someone else has this problem. Here’s a screenshot:


The code is the “menu” base with ionic datepicker, ionic material (removing it nothing changes) and some customization.

A weird thing is that if I change whatever CSS with inspector the black pixel disappears, but with any actions it appears again.

– EDIT 1 –

It’s in the ion-content.

– EDIT 2 –

Solved by adding a margin-top: 1px to ion-content > .scroll (or set the top of the element/ .has-header to 41px)

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