[Solved] Android Kitkat 4.4 : Gesture Not Work

Hello All,

In Android 4.3 and lower versions, touch, gesture and drag events working well.
But in Android 4.4 Kitkat version, gesture not working.

Currently I am working on photo cropping functionality with jr-crop Plugin.

In these plugin there are several events touch, drag, dragstart, dragend and transform used.

I had read from ionic.EventController support list of events.

With USB Debugging of application in mobile device and found that touch, drag, dragstart and dragend event is fired,

But not called any event from the given list,
transform, transformstart, transformend, pinch, pinchin, pinchout events.

I had also tried these Example for better testing, but unfortunately get the same result.

These problem occur only in android version 4.4 (not tested yet in iOS).

Help me for these problem.

This may be related to this

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I have solved my problem from these post Using Ionic’s Built in Gestures.

In Jr-crop plugin directive add the following code will work for me.

ionic.onGesture(‘touch drag dragstart dragend transform’, function(e) {
switch (e.type){


Thanks, @mhartington