(SOLUTION) Error when signing apk


This problem is killing me, I’m following exactly the steps in ionic docs but I can not sign the apk. I send the error

And check my key I get the following


EDIT :smile:

What I did was follow the steps again explain the ionic Docs, but this time with some changes.

Use the following commands

jarsigner -verbose -keystore c:/users/bob/desktop/appkey.keystore -storepass pa$$w0rd -keypass pa$$w0rd c:/users/bob/desktop/app_unsigned.apk MyKey

And it worked, thanks to those who helped me !!


Hi @sioesi,

Try what I mentioned in this other post:


@nicraboy Thanks for your answer, one question remains for me, I think a file called ant. ant.properties(text file?) within that file and copy that text?


@sioesi my ant.properties file is in platforms/android/ and contains the path to the keystore on my machine and the name of the alias. So, copy what nicraboy says, but update the properties to reflect where the keystore is on your machine and what you aliased the keystore to.



@mbeizer I have not ant.properties file, if I think the lines that you say, then I apply the command cordova --release android build, then I have to apply “zipalign” ?? I’m too complicated with it regreted



And still does not work friends, and not to do :confused:


@sioesi you should add the file ant.properties as described above. Then run cordova build android --release then you should see the .apk file. No need to run zipalign as the apk has already been aligned/signed, etc.