SocialSharing problem

Hey guys,

I’ve got some problems with the SocialSharing Plugin (iOS).

Im trying to build a simple “gallery app” where you can share the images.
( Also is there a way to share videos? )

I got 1 button for general sharing and 1 button for whatsapp sharing

my code:

	//share(message, subject, file, url)
		this.socialSharing.share(null, null, "assets/img/sm/lifti-cool-sm.jpg", null); 

	//shareViaWhatsApp(message, image, url)
		this.socialSharing.shareViaWhatsApp(null, "assets/img/sm/lifti-cool-sm.jpg", null); 

Following problem:


if you click the general share button you can select your preferred App where you want to share it and everything is fine except for WhatsApp inside this action sheet.
After selecting WhatsApp and a contact I get this error:

“This Object could not be sent. Please select another Object”


Now if you click the whatApp share button I get 2 options to select from inside this action sheet.

“WhatsApp” and “Copy to WhatsApp”

if you select “WhatsApp” and then a contact it wants to send a .tmp file.


“Copy to WhatsApp” is the only option which works.

Why do I get 2 options ? How do I make the whatsapp share button so I dont get any action sheet options but get the WhatsApp contacts instead (open WA directly without selecting WA in the action sheet)

And why is WA not working with the general share button ?