Social network starter

Hey guys, I just created a social network starter.

Main features

  • Lazy-loading
  • Auth pages (login, register, forgot and reset)
  • Themes (default and dark)
  • Ngrx
  • LocalStorage
  • i18n (English and Russian)
  • Responsive design
  • Music player (on bottom - swipeable)

Everybody welcome and especially contributors! Let’s work together. :boom:



@thenaim nice work, just checked. Especially i like view of comments/likes, it’s can be implemented partially to one of my application. :partying_face:
Also one tip if you wanna make player more native: Divide pane into 2 sections/breaks - bottom and top; Apply to top section ‘hide-on-bottom’ attribute and listen transition end callback. On callback - show bottom section. Define also 2 breakpoints: bottom + break. Should look like iOS music player exactly.

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@Romwtb, Thank you for your feedback. I wanted to use your package)), but could not solve a couple of questions. I tried to change the styles, but still did not achieve the result.

  1. How to call clear pane without nothing, for example headers, paddings and other?
  2. How can i use ion-content on pane with header and footer (like ion-modal)?

1. By default next styles are applied = 'fixed'; = '11'; = '15px'; = '100%'; = '500px'; = '0px'; = '0px'; = 'auto'; = 'auto'; = `${this.screen_height - this.topper - this.settings.bottomOffset}px`; = '#ffffff'; = '20px'; = '20px'; = '0 4px 16px rgba(0,0,0,.12)'; = 'hidden'; = 'transform'; = `translateY(${this.breaks[this.settings.initialBreak]}px) translateZ(0px)`;

You can override them with css

::ng-deep .pane {
  // Any properties

2. Simply place in html

<div class="cupertino-pane">
     <ion-title> Title </ion-title>
  <div class="content" overflow-y>
  Any content

Note that ion-content replaced with div to solve conflicts with ionic scroll.


@Romwtb, I will try to implement and will feedback you what happened.