So I created a PWA with Ionic React, it works as one but not on Huawei?

Hey guys, so I made a PWA using React Ionic, I used the React Tabs template Ionic supplies in the CLI, now It works as a PWA (doesnt open in browser) when added to the home screen on some Samsung Devices I tested on and iOS devices. But on the only Huawei device I tested it on (P40 Pro) it doesnt open as a PWA instead opens the browser, is there a reason for this?

Can it be that this device does not have the full android and chrome specs implemented due to restrictions?

Then it is because of the proprietary browser and os implementation by Huawei not being along the full PWA specs.

Is the browser chrome?

Its possible, its a P40 Pro, he is using the Standard Huawei browser, he says hes running Android but I dont think he is the type of person to know if his phone is Android or the other OS since they quite similar.

This browser-

Then I suggest u let the user try with another pwa u know works fornsure

Like this forum?

If that doesn’t work, its his phone

Ill give it a go, thank you!