Sms: url scheme not working in ionic 4 + capacitor

Writing an ionic 4 + capacitor app.

I’m NOT interested in sending SMS in the background or anything. Just a simple “contact this person” page, invoking whatever is the default app for the functions:

Call: <a href="tel:+4712345678">number</a>
SMS: <a href="sms:+4712345678">number</a>
mail: <a href="">mail</a>

tel: and mailto: work, but sms: results in “unsafe:sms:+4712345678” (in browser). On the phone it probably is the same, cause nothing happens.

config.xml says (this was default when initing)

I’ve seen something on sanitizing href, but can’t figure out if it can/should be fiddled with in ionic?

Can’t see how sms: could be considered a dangerous thing to link in ionic?

the unsafe: is added by Angular, not by Capacitor nor Ionic

ahh ok
I found and could be I write something to whitelist this.

Still can’t really see why sms: would be a security issue when it opens up the default messaging app, without sending anything automatically. But, of course, I could be very wrong :smiley: