Smallest possible app?

Did anyone try, what’s the smallest possible app (in terms of physical size in kBytes) using Ionic2?

Currently even the simplest starter adds a whole boat-load of libraries to the project and I was wondering how I could reduce the resulting app to a bare minimum and just add what I need. It seems I can’t find documentation how to optimize things here - so if there is something, a link would be awesome.

This is stuff that we are working on now. Currently there’s not “great” answer. We already do a better job by adding production builds

ionic build ios --prod
ionic build android --prod

which minifies the code and does a lot more optimization.
But further work is planned to shake additional code that is not needed or required by the app, thus further reducing the app size.

Good answer! I should have asked ‘except --prod’ :wink:

Anyway it’s good to know, it’s on the list - I just wasn’t sure, I missed something…