SLQite with Ionic View?

We’re using the ngCordova SQLIte plugin and have used this code to check it’s all working:

var openDatabase_ = function(dbName){

  $log.log("dbInitialised: %s", dbInitialised);
  $log.log("Opening DB...");
  var q = $q.defer();
  var db;
  if($cordovaSQLite && $window.sqlitePlugin !== undefined){
    $window.alert("SQLite plugin detected");
    db = $cordovaSQLite.openDB({ name: dbName });
  else {
    db = $window.openDatabase(
      "Our DB",
        $window.alert("Created WebSQL DB!");
  return q.promise;

When we use “ionic run android” we know we’re using SQLite because of the pop-up. This is on an N4 and N5.

When we use Ionic View we’re getting the “Created WebSQL DB!” pop-up which means SQLite isn’t working for some reason.

Is this a quirk of Ionic View or are we doing something else wrong?