Slow and glitchy page load on Android only


I am writing an Ionic2 app (currently on rc1) and I have a particular page that is extremely slow to load for the first time on Android only. Also, about 10% of the time, the show-page class doesn’t show up on the page. This leads to the entire page having an opacity: 0.

This occurs both in Android Chrome directly as well as in the app. I have been unable to reproduce this issue outside of my app. (i.e. I can’t make a simplified repro to show.) To reproduce, on an Android device, go to and then tap any contest on the main page, then click one of the first two games in the list on the contest page. The Game page is the one that is slow to load and also sometimes is missing show-page.

I’m at a loss of how to proceed. The profiler for Chrome seems to indicate that the bulk of the time is spent creating DOM elements, but there’s not that many on this page. And none of that would indicate why show-page sometimes doesn’t happen.