Sliding Tabs

Hi, im trying to do a sliding tabs with no acceptable results, i use a slidebox to simulate a slide tabs with buttons icons as you can see in, but when i slide , the content of the second slide tabs is scroll to the position of the first.
Please help me , i wan to rebegin with another process, who can i suggest me an other way

Hello willmanoide, i don’t understand exactly what you are trying to do, but have a look at my sliding tabs solution:

Maybe this can cover your needs

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You can build something equal very fast without jquery.

you ion-slide-box -> style and put links above -> add click function to scroll to associated slide -> set active class to give the link an “active” styling.
use the events and functions of the ion-slidebox to get the current slide after sliding

would you like to show me a example (codepen)?Thanks!