Sliding headers

Is it possible to place sliding buttons inside the header of a list or a card like ion-item-sliding?

Yes add the buttons inside the <ion-slide>, It works.

Can you give me an example, please? I tried, but it doesn’t work. Maybe I made an error. Thank you!

Try this:

<ion-slide ><ion-card> <ion-card-header> Header </ion-card-header> <ion-card-content> The British use the term "header", but the American term "head-shot" the English simply refuse to adopt. </ion-card-content> </ion-card> </ion-slide> </ion-slides>

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That was a misunderstanding. Using cards inside a slide is working without any problems. My question is the following.

Can I use buttons inside ion-card-header or ion-list-header that are not shown until the user is swiping the header to the left. I mean the Same behaviour like ion-option inside ion-item-sliding.

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I would like to know this as well.