Slide's resize effect

Hello guys, I have a page with 2 rows which have 1 ion-slide each. As I have set the slidesPerView property, there is like an effect where the image is big and then suddenly becomes the needed size to have the number of slides that I set in that property.

Is there some way to avoid this and visualize the slides when they’re already resized? For now I have a workarround in which I hide all the page’s content for 1s (when the images will be already resized) with a conditional css. But I don’t really like this and was wondering if there’s some other way.


No one can figure out what is happening? I haven’t found any fix yet :frowning:

I added the following style and it doesn’t happen anymore:

ion-slide {
width: 18rem !important;
margin-right: 15px !important;

Because what is resizing it are spaceBetween and slidesPerView and I had to match both sizes in styles and these properties to finish this error.