Slider with icons inside and drag and drop


Hi there.

I have come across an issue and i thought this would be the beste place to ask for a solution. My current project has a page with a ion slider. Inside this slider i have a number of pages generated dynamically and inside each page i have 2 rows with 8 icons. I am trying to simulate somehow the home screen of the device. Evetything went ok until i had to implement drag and drop in this slider. I’ve tried a lot of plugins from npm, but most of those which work on ionic and angular 2/4, are actually reordering the entire list and my goal is to only swap two elements when dragging. So i created my own directive which works but when I put it inside an ion-slides, the drag host listener is fired but nothing happens. This also happened using a different plugin. And I have another issue with my custom directive. When opening the browser, the drag and drop works but when simulating the device in the browser, the drop event does not take the drop zone.

Help is much appreciated, maybe someone in the future will need something like this.