Slidebox rendering and delegate issues


I’m dynamically adding content to a slidebox using a buffer similar to the one suggested in this post: What should I do if I want to show thousands of pages in a slide-box.
Because the data is loaded asynchronous using $q from a service, I’m making sure that the DOM and all the data has been loaded before running the javascript similar to whats in the post above.

I’m having 2 issues and they might be related:
The first time I’m navigating to the page containing the slidebox from a intro-like page, the $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.currentIndex() returns an index 1 higher than the maximum amount of slides. When refreshing the page, it works as it should, so it’s like the slidebox isn’t properly initialized after such a navigation? It should be noted that when I have refreshed the page, I can navigate to another tab and back to the slidebox and it still works.

The second issue involves rendering of the slides. When the dynamic content has been added, it looks very weird - the content is exceeding the maximum width of a single slide. When I’m resizing the window, it renders properly again. Opening a modal also fixes the issue. I have tried forcing an angular digest cycle and tried calling $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.update()(suggested by this post: Slides generated with ng-repeat causing issues (slide-box)) without any luck.

The rendering issue only appears on my Android device(=the only device I have been testing on), and if I emulate a slow connection when testing it in Chrome. So running it normally on my PC(fast) doesn’t result in the rendering issue.

Every suggestion on how to fix one or both of these issues is much appreciated.