Slidebox: inconsistent behavior between webapp and ios app



I’ve created a single page app with a slidebox in the view. On the browser the slidebox functions perfectly whereas when I emulate on iOS the slidebox automatically shows the last slide always. When I perform the swipe motion, the concole log (on-slide-changed handler logs the slide index to the console) shows the the slides are being changed and the translate and transform values on the slide’s style attribute also reflect the change but I never see any of the other slides, only the last one persists. This seems like a problem with the way the z-index is handled and it feels like the slides are all hidden under the last one. Has anyone come across this issue when emulating on iOS?

Any help appreciated. Thanks,


Can you provide a codepen example of this? I can test it on a device and see what the issue is


Here’s the gist of what I’m trying to do in my app: Ionic App CodePen Example.
The only difference is that the slides are populated by a service that gets a list of ‘pages’ to be displayed.