SlideBox in Modal -> always full height

Hi guys,
so I got this modal which contains a slide-box.
I want the pager to appear on the bottom of the modal, dynamically moving with the modal size (modals are resized when the page is resized). How do I achieve that?

I’ve set up a codepen, for better understanding, but it’s not working:

Got it now.
Works like this:

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Oo very nice, I like it! Good to see you got this figured out. My only suggestion would be on modal close, set the active slide back to the first slide.

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I want 3 slide with different height but if content is less on first slide. It should not scroll. Is there any solution to resolve this issue?

I had time to continue working on here and had to find, that this solution does not work on iOS.
On my chrome browser it looks perfect, just the way I want it, but a cordova project with just the same code does not work. The SlideBox has the height of the first slide (which is only the height of the icon).

Any hints?