Slide Box content's ng-click events are not working

Hi guys,

I originally had a page that had images with ng-click events that worked. Once I attached a slide box to it, only the very top images with ng-click work now. Is there a zone that is unclickable when using a slidebox? If so, how do I make everything clickable again?

Here’s my hierarchy:

` Edit: I think I've narrowed down the problem to being a scope issue. The body contains the ng-app and the controller has a function $scope.volumeUp which I guess is not being called. How do I get that to be called?


Have you found a solution ? We are facing the same problem. Couldn’t find anything on the net yet.

For me, it was due to a CSS bug. I had made a button’s width and height too big. I would recommend finding a CSS debugger tool to make sure you’re clicking on the right thing.

It looks like it was a bug on my side too, ng-click is working fine now. Thanx for answering

Can you tell me how you resolved the problem ? Me also facing the same issue.