Skeleton screen as replacement to pre-loading spinner?

Hi all,

Is it possible to create a skeleton screen in ionic 1 instead of a preloading like this one?

Any help? Thanks.

The splash screen must be an image. Once you get past the splash screen stage, if you still need to do some loading in the application you can design whatever kind of loading screen you would like, but there’s no avoiding having that initial splash screen (you can stop the spinner animation from showing if you like though, just set it as a preference in your config.xml).

The Facebook app for example (I believe) uses a splash screen image of a blue bar at the top, and a big grey area that looks like a blank version of their app, which makes the transition from splash screen to having the app loaded look pretty smooth since they are visually similar. So you can create a “skeleton” splash screen like this by creating an image that looks similar to the layout of your app, but it’s always going to be a single image that will be the same for everyone.


did you have any example code?