Simple phone app for elderly people

I’m developing a new app with Ionic 2. App is under development and not yet finished. Available only in Android. Here is the download link:

I would like to know your opinions and if you like Elder Phone, would you like to advise to your parents or grand-parents.

Description from google play store

Elder Phone is an easy to use, simple and basic phone mobile application for elderly people.

What makes Elder Phone different from other Easy Phone apps:

  • Elder Phone is easier to use and you can customize it as you want.

PS: You may need to set Elder Phone as default launcher. This procedure may be different for different brand phones.

Elder Phone is currently under development and this version of Elder Phone is a preview release. Please consider this situation when rating Elder Phone.

Currently these features has’t been implemented yet:
Manually add new contact
GPS data for weather module

upgraded to beta 4 and published in showcase: