Signup and Login database

Hi new to ionic and unsure where to start with getting user input and storing it in a database. The purpose of this database will be for authentication Signup/Login.

Welcome to the forums. I’m not saying your question is inappropriate, but it’s super-important to note that it cannot be an Ionic question. In order to do secure user authentication, the information needed to confirm somebody’s identity needs to be stored in a safe place, such as servers under your control. It can’t be stored locally on the device, because you can’t control the security of the device.

So, while you wait for somebody to give a better answer here, you can safely broaden your search horizons a bit if you wish, because strategies for doing user authentication for web apps are independent of the frontend technology being used. Concentrate on solutions involving the tech stack that you want to use on the server side, such as your choice of database engine or middleware language.