Sidemenu Template

Hi All,

I am new to ionic, Is there any specific tutorial to work on sidemenu template.

I had created few dummy pages using blank templates and small little test example app in Ionic recently with fetching data from php server. It worked.

Now i am starting to work on a fresh project with default sidemenu theme, however i found that its project structure is different than blank template which i already used. One major difference i found is that Sidemenu template does not have SRC folder and all html files in template folder. Controllers are in one JS file only that is controllers.js.

So is there any specific tutorial to work on sidemenu template. I am using this template as my client requirements is to use sidemenu. Please guide me?


Sale pitch: My new book covers the sidemenu template:

You can take a look at the Ionic Conference App to see a sample of this template in action. You might need to go back a few commits, as it now uses the split pane component.

Sounds like you’re still using Ionic 1 based on your description? You can (and should) separate out the controllers into their own files, and tweak the folder structure as needed. It will still work.

However, if you’re new to Ionic anyway, it might be worth just switching to Ionic 2.

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@rlouie is right, you’re in a ionic 1 project, you have to specify --v2 at the end of the command line.

ionic start myNewApp sidemenu --v2