Side navigation - "export 'mentController' was not found in '@ionic/vue'

Hi, I am attempting to get a side navigation running using an ion-menu component with Vue. I’ve copy pasted the usage code from the framework docs into App.vue without success.

When serving the ionic cli shows the following warning:

"export ‘mentController’ was not found in ‘@ionic/vue’

Is App.vue not the appropriate place for this code? Have I somehow not installed something?

Since posting i’ve figured this out. There is a typo in the official ionic-vue docs. It should be menuController.

I’d still be interested to know whether or not App.vue is the most appropriate place for this. I’m new to both ionic and Vue3…

There is a template for a starter app with a sidemenu, I suggest you start there

Hey there,

This is indeed a typo in the docs. It should read menuController not mentController. I will fix this.