Side menu with dynamic content, best approach?

I am trying to basically have several right side menus, which are opened with the help of buttons in the view.

For now I am showing/hiding different lists in the side menu.

<!-- Right menu -->
    <side-menu side="right">
      <header class="bar bar-header bar-positive">{{rightMenuTitle}}
      <content has-header="true">
        <list ng-hide="showText">
          <item ng-repeat="c in cs">{{ c }}
        <list ng-show="showText">
          <item ng-repeat="b in bs">{{ c }}

Anyone have any suggestion on how to improve it? I still feel like I know very little of AngularJS/JS.

See this topic : Replacing content on the left/right SideMenuController

The Plunker doesn’t work anymore as it is quite old. I use a service to manage the side menu items based on a route.