Side menu refreshing problem


I have few problems with ionic side menu :slight_smile: So, I have app where you can get hearts for doing activities for example you have 15 hearts, but when you finish one of activity you get additional 6 hearts. Also when you finish one of activities, activity page refreshes and shows not 15, but 21. In dashboard also it shows 21, but in side menu it always shows 15 (until I reopen app).
Sorry, still learning and thanks for help :smile:

Never mind,
it was really stupid question :smiley:
I just used $rootScope :stuck_out_tongue:

I must be really stupid. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Could you elaborate on what you did? I am having a similar problem. I have the number of β€œfavorites” in the side menu, and when I add or remove favorites, the side menu is not updating until I refresh the page (in browser) or restart app (on phone).